How to choose the best GPS beacon correctly - track your carcorrectly

Questions regarding the protection of your own car from theft are becoming more relevant every year. The number of cars is growing steadily, therefore, a large number of criminals are activated, who trade on their theft. Methods for bypassing car alarms and immobilizers are becoming more advanced, so there is a high risk of losing your car and never finding it again. To get more tips, please read: garmin gps reviews

But this will never happen if you install a special device on your vehicle - a GPS beacon. In this case, even if the car is stolen, it will not be difficult to find it. An indispensable assistant to the GPS tracker will be the owners of the auto business, in whose interests it is to control the cars from the fleet and always know their route. How to choose the best GPS tracker for a car correctly will be discussed below. The second part of the article is devoted to popular manufacturers of GPS beacons.

What is a GPS beacon and what is it for?

GPS tracker is a complex technical device that works in tandem with GPS monitoring through the use of satellites. The data received from the tracker about the location of the car is sent to the computer or mobile device to the car owner. Installing gps beacons on a car is done in a hidden order, so an attacker using a stolen car does not even know about their presence in it.

Most often, trackers are installed under car upholstery, in an airbag, or under the wheel arches of a car. In other words, the more reliably the lighthouse is hidden, the more difficult it will be for a thief to find it if he still thinks about its presence in the car.

Practice has shown that today the GPS beacon is the most effective remedy against car thefts. According to statistics, more than 80% of stolen cars were successfully returned to their owners precisely because a GPS tracker was installed on them. Thus, in addition to car alarms and immobilizers, the beacon is an excellent means for constant monitoring of the vehicle, excluding its possibility of leaving the car owner's field of vision.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of an automobile beacon is quite complicated and consists in the simultaneous operation of three systems at once:

1. GPS receiver, which determines the coordinates of the vehicle;

2. GPS module, through which all the necessary information is transmitted to the computer or mobile device of the owner of the car;

3. GPS stations that receive information from the tracking module about the actual location of the car.

The principle of operation of the GPS tracker is to monitor special commands, if everything is fine and the tracker detects nothing suspicious, then it goes into "sleep mode" until the next check. Such a check is carried out by a beacon once a day, and at least once a month, a complete check of the entire system is performed, during which a message is automatically sent to the car owner about the location of the car.

If the vehicle is hijacked, the beacon is activated and switches to the mode of constant monitoring of the vehicle. During this period,the tracker sends messages depending on the set parameters, alternating every10 minutes or once an hour.

This frequency of operation of the GPS beacon in the active phase is chosen for a reason and primarily so that the attacker cannot determine the location of the tracker in the car by the signal.